Healthful Monday~ 03/09/2020

By Edward Charfauros

Today's Healthful-Amusement share worth amusing your thoughts with.

“Only fools do not care about their health.”

Your health is of paramount importance, do not wait until your health deteriorates to decide on eating well and to exercise. Strive for a balanced state of well-being, so you can be at your optimal level in every aspect of your life. Value your health to prevent sickness.

“A healthier inside supports an awesome outside.”

Love yourself for a healthier lifestyle. It is your duty to maintain and manage a good healthy mind and body. Having good health is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Remind yourself, your first success of every day is taking care of your mind and body. Investing in your health pays off quicker than any other investment you'll ever make in your life. So, increase your knowledge on what you consume daily, and make a difference in the world starting within your own... that world of a trillion-plus living bacteria and cells coexisting in harmony. Never hesitate on doing what's right for your health because your bliss and peace depend on it!!!!

CHEERS~ to your blissful moments everywhere in between your lessons and wins... 😉


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