Repeat With Me: I AM (Inspiring, Aspiring & Motivating) Success Every Moment - In The Spring! 


We all talk to ourselves, and yet more than half of what we say to ourselves may be negative! Life Guide Edward F. T. Charfauros offers guidance using powerful and comprehensive communication for

people such as yourself to positively affect your life for optimal long-term benefit.

Featuring self-talk messages that can help you to:

* Strengthen confidence and self-esteem

* Support self-growth and professional development

* Succeed with relationships (romance, friendships, career, etc.)

* Enhance healthy choices, habits, and lifestyle

* Cultivate respect, optimism, and faith

* Encourage health improvement and sustainability

* Enrich personal prosperity and wealth

Use these self-communicating messages within and guide yourself to be the best ideal “YOU” that you have been yearning to be! Reprogram your inner dialogue with Edward F. T. Charfauros’ proven self-communication scripts that assists him in taking control of his life and his destiny.

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What they're saying~

Edward accomplishes a practical every day reading task, which brings the
mind, spirit, and body into a harmonious synergy. With each devotional
message, we are urged to write down our daily goals while bearing in mind
the positive truth about inner consciousness through optimistic
encouragement. I am also reminded that personal encouragement is a daily
choice. Certain trials, which we may face, are circumstances out of our
control, but the attitude in which we conduct a situation will be dictated
by our mindset. “Repeat With Me:” is a well-written inspirational book that
assists the reader in establishing a habit of positive thinking that will assist in practical conduct.
~Rogerio De Oliveira


I purchased the kindle version and then obtained the paperback because it's
so worth it to document my thoughts. My favorite statements are written on
post-it notes and spread throughout my home. What I love about this book is
it focuses on being here now and repeating I am in the positive. I've been
catching myself much more often when I hear myself go into the negative,
like I am so stupid, and find a better way to rephrase it. This is more of
an affirmation book than an informational type of book which is so helpful
and much needed in today's world. I highly recommend this book!!!
~Paty Mariposa



“Be so positively high only the positive ones reach you.”
~Edward F. T. Charfauros