"I assist individuals in surpassing their most intimidating challenges to accomplish their goals, achieve their dreams, and establish long-term inner motivation. By providing an empowering and comprehensive self-management program for both mental and physical sustainability."

Assisting clients in the following areas of focus:

0. Self-Awareness

1. Self-Love

2. Self-Care

3. Self-Image

4. Self-Determination

5. Self-Communication

6. Self-Discipline

7. Self-Control

8. Self-Program

9. Self-Efficacy

10. Self-Respect

11. Self-Worth

12. Self-Accountability

13. Self-Responsibility

14. Self-Esteem

15. Self-Confidence

16. Self-Management

17. Self-Development

18. Self-Growth

19. Self-Improvement

20. Self-Achievement

21. Self-Mastery

Purpose: "Positively affect as many lives as possible!"
Vision: "A Moral Quest for Worldwide Change in Human Interaction"

I will share peace with everyone on Earth.

I will share my passion and compassion with others.

I will encourage goodwill within every one.

I will defend and protect the innocence of others.

I will conquer untruth by truth.

I will endure all suffering while resisting untruth.


-To continue inspiring, aspiring, and motivating success beyond myself

while living a continual enriching lifestyle.

-To continue positively empowering myself toward financial independence

while assisting as many lives as possible for the same.

-To continue promoting health, wellness, and nutrition for desirable

outcomes with others while enjoying my journey through every endeavor.

Author of the "best selling" book: "Repeat With Me: I AM SUCCESS

(Inspiring, Aspiring, and Motivating Success) Every Moment - In The Spring!"

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~> I assist men and women who desire to improve their energy and want to do

more of what they enjoy!

~> I assist sick and dying individuals who desire to become healthier and

want to do more with their life!

~> I assist parents who desire to provide healthier choices and want to

raise healthier children!

“Forgive to progress; remember to learn; and continue to better, as your great life continues.”

~Edward F. T. Charfauros