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Edward F. Torres Charfauros (1976 – Present) was born in San Diego, California, to Chamorro immigrant parents, grew up throughout various cities within San Diego County, California, before joining the U. S. Navy in 1996. He is the eldest son of two boys who was married for 22 years and now divorced. For eleven years he served onboard various Los Angeles class fast-attack submarines (USS La Jolla-SSN 701/USS Columbus-SSN 762/USS Key West-SSN 722) as a Culinary Specialist. In 2008, he joined the U.S. Navy Reserve as a Hull Maintenance Technician before serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2009-2010. In 2013, he earned both an Associate Art in General Studies degree and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (concentration in Management) degree attending the campus of the University of Phoenix, Honolulu, Hawai’i. In 2015, he earned a certification in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Edward is a former gang member; former line-chef with P. F. Chang’s China Bistro & The Cheesecake Factory; former employee with Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Ace Parking, and 7-Eleven; and former professional truck driver “Over The Road” with Swift Transportation and Werner Enterprises, whose driven throughout the lower 48 states. Currently, he is passionately using his life experience and education serving others as a Life Guide and Health Coach. He also founded and is a director of the S corporation, IAN SUCCESS INC.


1. Self-Awareness

2. Self-Love

3. Self-Care

4. Self-Image

5. Self-Determination

6. Self-Communication

7. Self-Discipline

8. Self-Control

9. Self-Efficacy

10. Self-Respect

11. Self-Worth

12. Self-Accountability

13. Self-Responsibility

14. Self-Esteem

15. Self-Confidence

16. Self-Management

17. Self-Development

18. Self-Growth

19. Self-Improvement

20. Self-Achievement

21. Self-Mastery

Author of the published book series: 

~> "Repeat With Me: I AM SUCCESS (Inspiring, Aspiring, and Motivating) Success Every Moment"

* Book #1: "In The Spring!" (Hardcover- ISBN: 9781535608497) (Paperback- ISBN: 9781535606615) (Epub- ISBN: 9780578493763

* Book #2: "In The Summer!" (Hardcover- ISBN: 9780578497198) (Paperback- ISBN: 9780578493763)

* Book #3: "In The Autumn!" (Hardcover- ISBN: 9780578497204) (Paperback- ISBN: 9780578494005)

* Book #4: "In The Winter!" (Hardcover- ISBN: 9780578497228) (Paperback- ISBN: 9780578493565)

Also these coloring books: 

~> "Coloring Affirmations: An empowering self-nourishing coloring book for positive change" (ISBN: 9780578519531)

~> "For Wonderful People Only! Yes, this includes you...: Self-empowering through color" (ISBN: 9780578512778)

~> "Colorful Positivity: Empower your life & Soothe your soul" (ISBN: 9780578527222)

~> "Self~Nourishment: An empowering mandala coloring book for positive change" (ISBN: 9780578611051)

~> "Empowering Change: All good today for the better" (ISBN: 9780578643816)

~> "A Colorful Mess of Positivity: A coloring book of affirmations" (ISBN: 9780578656793)

~> "YES To Good Vibes!: Love The Positivity" (ISBN: 9780578542553)

~> "Genevieve's Fantastic Adventures!" (ISBN: 9780578676951)

~> "Positive Vibes Only: A coloring book for positive change" (ISBN: 9780578845951)

~Coming Soon~

~> "Good Stuff for Good Thoughts: A coloring book of empowering statements for the better(ISBN: )

~> "Mind Nourishment: A stress-relieving self-amusement coloring book" (ISBN: )

~> "Enough Of The Shi~: Another stress-relieving coloring book(ISBN: )

~> "Color Fuel Your Brilliance: A coloring book to positively increase your creativity(ISBN: )


“Empowering positive change in others for their greater good!”


“To empower worldwide positive change in human interaction”


* I will share peace among every one upon Earth.

* I will share my passion and compassion with others.

* I will encourage good will within every one.

* I will defend and protect the innocence of others.

* I will conquer untruth by truth.

* I will endure all suffering, while resisting untruth.


~> To continue inspiring, aspiring, and motivating success beyond myself while living a continual enriching lifestyle.

~> To continue positively empowering myself toward financial independence while assisting as many lives as possible for the same.

~> To continue promoting health, wellness, and nutrition for desirable outcomes with others while enjoying my journey through every endeavor.


~> I assist men and women who desire to improve their energy and want to do  more of what they enjoy! 

~> I assist sick and dying individuals who desire to become healthier and  want to do more with their life! 

~> I assist parents who desire to provide healthier choices and want to raise healthier children!


Thank you for visiting! 

"CHEERS~ to your purpose and passions! May the best of your desirable intentions and hopes come to a realization and great dreams and goals come to fruition as your success continues..." ~Edward F. T. Charfauros

“Forgive to progress; remember to learn; and continue to better, as your great life continues.”

~Edward F. T. Charfauros