life lessons

  • Life is good, so define it as such in your way on your terms.

  • When doubting, continue regardless for progress with caution, yet confidently.

  • Life in itself is limited, so use your life wisely, intelligently, lovingly, blissfully & respectfully.

  • Life is meant to be enjoyed, so succeed stress-free.

  • Pay for it in one form or another, and pay it forward when the time is right.

  • Either agree or disagree without argument, so to continue forward stress-free.

  • Release your tears without resistance, so allow yourself to heal as needed when convenient.

  • Save for retirement, while investing in yourself, so do what is right for your future.

  • Don’t resist in healthier decisions and choices, so do what is right for your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Accept your past for peace of mind, while making the best of here and now – the present.

  • Continue without shame of your weaknesses and faults, so embrace your true essence of self.

  • Refrain from comparing your life to others’, so to mindfully enjoy your ideas, implement your solutions, triumph your challenges, and succeed your journey.

  • Keep no secrets throughout your relationships for optimal benefits and maximum beneficial outcomes. “What is meant to be, will be.”

  • Don’t waste your effort, energy and time with all that is negatively affecting, so to be busy worthwhile living, memorable loving and passionately endeavoring.

  • You have what it takes to succeed one way or another, so continue confidently without self-limitations and continue believing in yourself.

  • Do it all when you want to do it. Feel it when you have to feel it. Trust yourself.

  • It’s never too late, as it remains entirely your decision to accomplish and achieve.

  • Be without excuses. Trust yourself to know when to release your losses, and when to move forward without regret or complaint.

  • Adore what you have and appreciate what you will have, and look forward to attracting what you desire to come.

  • Use it now, and don’t save it for later, as you may not have a later to do so. Trust right now, today, as it is the precious special moment it truly is.

  • Mindfully intend, plan, over prepare, and go with your flow with decisive execution in action.

  • Be eccentric moment to moment, so don’t wait to please and satisfy your desires.

  • Nourish your most important organ: the brain. Care for your health, as your greatest wealth.

  • You are solely responsible and accountable for your bliss, as you attract everyone and everything else as a bonus.

  • Remind yourself of every negative affecting event, “That was temporary and now in the past… It no longer matters in my future unless I want it to affect my happiness and success!”

  • Be more like Jesus Christ, more like Buddha, more like Mother Teresa, and more like Muhammad: Do not condemn others, while giving more without expectation without regret and without complaint.

  • Positively mind your own business, your own bliss and your own success consistently.

  • Exercise patience, as time heals all when supporting it so.

  • Remind yourself all is temporary and everything is subject to change. Good and bad regardless will no longer be one way or another.

  • Relationships are immensely valuable, so cherish and adore them with love and support. Family and friends will be there when in absolute need, so keep in touch.

  • You are a miracle. You are a blessing. You are original. You are perfect. There is no other version of you.

  • You are stronger from your challenges. Wiser from your lessons. Support your education and experiences to your advantage.

  • Appreciate your growth in every aspect of your life, so take advantage of all benefits and options to improve and develop yourself.

  • Value the youth and encourage memorable moments when available to do so.

  • Exercise daily and maximize your mind, body, and soul when possible.

  • Proceed with the positive perspective and mentally evaluate challenges from various other perspectives beyond yourself.

  • Reflect only upon the past appreciatively, and only for specific lessons as references for future uses to benefit you and others when requested upon for an honest opinion.

  • Rid of all that isn’t useful, beneficial and needless. Give it, share it, donate it, and remove it for others who may benefit from it, while making space for the new.

  • Know you truly matter, and create loving memories by your life’s end worth reflecting upon, worthwhile sharing and smiling for.

  • Don’t weaken your mind, waste your thoughts, and waste time with envy, jealousy, and any negative emotions, while you can spend effort with enjoying yourself.

  • Know there is more of the best, positively affecting, and divinely deserving coming into your life, so continue positively focusing your thoughts and energy attracting.

  • Regardless of how you emotionally feel, graciously awaken, desirably freshen up, and reveal yourself to the world on your terms with the best version of yourself, because you deserve to be as such for your sake.

  • Rest when feeling the need; slumber when feeling the need; breathe deeply often.; and calm your thoughts mindfully. Value your sleep, trust your body, and pay close attention to your mind, body and soul’s physical cues for what it needs.

  • Ask for it so you may satisfy yourself; Request for it, so you may enjoy for yourself.

  • Yield to life, so don’t resist what is and persist in your bliss.

  • Life is a gift, so enjoy it as such.

CHEERS~ to your success continuing, as your great life continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros

Life Guide & Published Author

“Increase your learning to increase your value in order to increase your earning.”
~Edward F. T. Charfauros